Launched some three decades ago, Zeus Raw Materials involve themselves as an agent and distributor of raw materials of a chemical nature to the South African market. With a focus on using a personal approach, Zeus believes (wherever possible) in carefully selected exclusive representations in order to satisfy niche market opportunities. The company’s main activities pivot around representation of its Principals’ interests and the distribution of raw materials, rather than trading in the accepted sense of the word. Accordingly, the products handled are usually from suppliers and Principals with whom the company has a close relationship.

The primary activities of Zeus Raw Materials fall into two main sections:

• Firstly, the Animal Feed Industry, where we do not seek to be all things to all people, favouring rather a focused approach and a committed belief in the concept of excellence.

• Secondly, it is with immense pride that we represent the South African interests of the Intermediate Chemicals Division of Ercros SA, of Spain. Our representation of this giant European chemical manufacturer is confined to the supply of Paraformaldehyde and Pentaerythritol, which finds application in (amongst other areas) coating and resins. The same products find application in certain other industries, and we are in the process of developing these speciality market sectors.



Our main distribution activities revolve around the supply of micro-ingredients for the production of Animal Feed from proven and trusted sources. While the products we are involved with are quite widespread, with products ranging from Amino Acids to Inorganic Chemicals, our main activities are focused on selected medicative products. We have been charged by principal suppliers of these products to optimise sales and market penetration to their best advantage.

These products include:

• Zinc Bacitracin (15% Granular)
• BMD (Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate)
• Flavomycin
• Chlortetracycline (20% Feed Grade)
• Chlortetracycline Hydrochloride
• Salinomycin (12% Granular)


We are Associate Members of, and subscribe strictly to the directives, the word and the spirit of AFMA directives. Our overall activities are regularly audited by Africompliance, and we are proud of the clean bill of health we regularly achieve during these audits. The products we supply to the Animal Feed industry are registered with the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, and copies of our registration are available for distribution when required.


We exclusively represent the following globally-acclaimed producers, who are world leaders in the products they produce:

Pucheng Chia Tai
Biochemistry Co., Ltd,

Who produce the following:
Chlortetracycline Hydrochloride USP
CTC (Chlortetracycline) 20% FG
Salinomycin 12% Granular

Pucheng Lifecome Biochemistry Co., Ltd,

Who produce the following:
Zinc Bacitracin 15% Granular
Bacitracin dimethyl Salicylate
Colistin Sulphate

CIM Chemicals

Suppliers of Acrylamide derived
speciality chemicals for
various industries

Zeus Raw Materials are exclusive South African agents for the Intermediate Chemicals Division of the giant Spanish chemical producer, Ercros SA. The main products produced by this division of Ercros are Pentaerythritol and Paraformaldehyde.

• Regarding Paraformaldehyde, Ercros are the world’s largest producers of this product and have various grades available for specific applications.

• With regard to Pentaerythritol, in addition to standard grades, Ercros also produce a Nitration Grade of Pentaerythritol which (together with the Dipentaerythritol they produce) finds application in the production of explosives for the mining industry.


Zeus Raw Materials are proud to be associated with:

Animal Feed
Manufacturers Associations

The Department of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries

Afri Compliance